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Why Invest in Late-Season Heater Repairs?


It’s about time to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! It won’t be very long before you can shut down your heater for the season, and soon after that, you’ll start needing your air conditioner. But what about that worry you have that something’s just not quite right with your heater? Should you ignore it, hope it won’t cause a major failure in the next month or so, and then see if it has somehow resolved itself by the time you need your heater again in the fall?

No! You should address any concerns about your heater promptly, even if it’s late in the season. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.

You Don’t Want Problems to Get Worse

You might have a minor concern about whether you’re really getting as much warmth from your heater as you used to or a sound that seems unusual to you. Whether that’s caused by a damaged fan, an overtired blower motor, or a belt that’s fraying or slipping out of position, it could be a very simple repair. But if you continue to operate your heater for the rest of the season, you could end up with a completely burnt-out motor, or a fan blade or belt flying free and destroying other components. A postponed repair is often a much more extensive, and thus more expensive, repair.

You Don’t Want a Total Breakdown

There will still be some chilly days this spring. And you never know when there might be a shockingly cold April night. If your heater is already struggling, it’s most likely to fail when it’s working the hardest, which is just when you need it the most. The heating season might be almost over, but having no heat when you still want it is always unpleasant.

Heater Problems Cause Inefficiency

Most of the time, when your heater isn’t working as well as it should, it keeps trying harder and harder to get the job done. That means it’s consuming more fuel. If you allow your heater to keep operating like that, it will drive up your utility bills.

There May Be Safety Concerns

At the end of the heating season, when your heater has been working diligently for months, there are certain repair needs you’re more likely to see. Airflow problems (have you been changing your air filter regularly?) and burning-out motors are common in late winter or early spring.

But another issue that’s more likely to crop up this time of year is a cracked heat exchanger. Since this is the component that prevents combustion gasses from escaping into your home, and thus protects you from carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s very dangerous when it gets cracked. Early warning signs can include clicking sounds, odd smells, soot on your furnace, or a yellow or orange or flickering flame rather than one that is steady and blue. The late warning sign is when your carbon monoxide alarm goes off.

Don’t end up in an unsafe situation! Get heating repair in Ashburn, VA as soon as you suspect that something is wrong.

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