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The Steps of Heating System Maintenance

Earlier this month we discussed how important heater maintenance is and why you should schedule this service now. Even though you are very likely still using your AC system and your heater is the last thing on your mind, maintenance is really best scheduled and performed before you actually need the system.

We could talk for hours about the benefits of preventive maintenance, such as that it helps your heating system run more efficiently and reduces the chance that you’ll run into emergency repairs later on. But to truly understand just how a heating tune-up can help you save energy and money, it’s helpful to know the steps that our technicians go through when performing the service.


This is perhaps the most important part of heating system maintenance. At this time, our technicians will take a close look at your heater to locate any potential health or safety risks, in addition to anything that might affect the performance of your unit. We’ll also let you know if there’s anything in need of urgent repair to allow you to schedule additional services ASAP.


At times, different components of your heating system may need to be adjusted as they can become loose or bent. This might be a case of something like a bent flame sensor for a furnace, a loose furnace panel, or even something such as a bent heat pump coil. If even one component is faulty, a domino effect can occur and other components begin to struggle.


When the components of your heating system are dirty, they can’t perform as they should. For instance, if a coil in your heat pump is blocked by a layer of dust, then it might not be able to absorb heat from the outside air. A dirty furnace burner might be unable to generate heat as needed.

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