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Ways an Air Purifier Can Benefit Your Home

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Air quality outdoors has been a concern on many of our minds lately, as smoke from the Canadian wildfires drifts all the way south to us.

But how much do you know about indoor air quality? Indoor air is often more contaminated than outdoor air, but we don’t get air quality warnings about that with our weather forecasts.

We’d like to tell you a little bit about indoor air quality: how it’s contaminated, how air purifiers improve it, and how cleaner air can improve your life.

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Can UV Light Be Good for You?

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

uv lightWell, if history is any indication, then absolutely yes! What are we talking about? Over a century ago, Professor Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize for Physiology of Medicine for discovering that diseases can be treated with concentrated UV light rays.

That’s not exactly what we’re getting into here. However we want to use that to highlight the fact that when implemented the right way, UV light can actually do a lot for your health by improving your indoor air quality. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to consider the installation of a UV air purifier in Ashburn, VA.

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How Can UV Light Help Keep You Healthy?

Monday, July 24th, 2017

uv-light-help-keep-healthyAlthough cold and flu bugs may be more prevalent in the winter, it doesn’t mean we’re all immune to illness during the rest of the year—particularly if you don’t have the right indoor air quality products in Sterling, VA. True, there’s not a lot you can do to prevent the common cold. However, there is certainly a way to help cut down on the spread of germs in your home once hit by them. We’re talking about a UV air purifier.

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Moisture in Your Home: Why Humidity Control Is So Important

Monday, February 20th, 2017

humidity-control-importantIf you’ve lived in the area for even just a year, you likely know what a problem it is to have too little moisture in your home during the winter, or too much in the summer. It can make you feel uncomfortable, exacerbate illnesses, and cause your HVAC systems to work harder than they should need to.

What’s more, is that chronically dry air, or chronic humidity, can cause significant damage to your home itself, particularly if you have wood floors, furniture, fixtures, or precision instruments. A key way to combat humidity problems in your home is with a quality Ashburn, VA humidity control system. In order to help you understand the importance of humidifiers and dehumidifiers, we’ve shared some info below on what more humidity control can do to your home.

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HVAC Filter FAQ: Save Money with This Simple Task

Monday, October 24th, 2016

We hope that at least once a year, you schedule a maintenance appointment for your air conditioning unit and one for your heating system—or twice a year if you have a heat pump that serves as both. During this tune-up, our professional HVAC technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your system, making necessary adjustments as they go.

This service does include changing your HVAC air filter if necessary. However, this is not a task that should only be done once or twice a year. Rather, this is a task you can and should be doing on your own every 1–3 months.

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Battling Humidity in the Home: Are You Well Equipped?

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Recent weather has reminded us just how much humidity we deal with on a regular basis. Though our temperatures are relatively mild, high humidity makes it seem much warmer, which can become a problem indoors. Due to the extra moisture in the air when relative humidity rises about 50%, it becomes difficult for the human body to release heat through the skin by evaporating sweat. Therefore, even though the temperature may not increase, the air feels much hotter when it is humid out.

Of course, there’s not a whole lot you can do about high humidity outdoors. However, you can certainly change it inside your house. It requires the professional installation of a whole-house dehumidifier into your HVAC system to achieve true indoor comfort. Keep reading to learn how equipping yourself with this system benefits you and your home.

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Do You Need a New Air Filter for Your Cooling System?

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

If you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, then you likely already know how important it is to maintain good indoor air quality in your home. However, even if you don’t have a home where allergies are a big deal, poor indoor air quality can still affect you and your home.

While a whole-house air filtration system is the best option to improve your air quality, another factor to think about is the quality of your system’s air filter. When is the last time you changed your cooling system’s air filter? Were you aware that this task should be done every 1–3 months?

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Know the Benefits of a UV Air Purifier for Your Home

Monday, July 25th, 2016

There are a number of issues out of our control that can lead to poor indoor air within our homes. Since many of these issues can negatively impact our health and comfort, it’s essential that we invest in the systems we need to protect the quality of the air in our living spaces.

For many homeowners, the answer is a basic air filtration system, while others may choose an electronic air purifier. Sometimes though, this is just not enough and you need to actually eliminate more than simply particles already in the air. This is where a UV air purifier comes in.

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What Are You Doing to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Monday, July 18th, 2016

The air in your home may seem clean to the naked eye, but is it really? The truth is that most times the air in a home is actually worse and unhealthier than the air outside. This is because with today’s modern building practices, homes are built tighter to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems.

This is great for your air conditioner or heater, but not so much for your indoor air quality. There’s good news, however! There are a number of indoor air quality products and services on the market today that can considerably improve the quality of your indoor air. Keep reading to learn more.

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