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End of Summer Air Conditioning Trouble to Watch Out For

Summer may be almost over “officially” in two weeks, but that doesn’t mean we’re done contending with hot weather. Hopefully, you haven’t had any detrimental problems with your air conditioner this season, as it’s definitely hard to get through a summer here without a properly functioning cooling system.

Air conditioners are designed to withstand very high temperatures, and many years of use. However, if your system is aging or has not been properly maintained, then after a season of steady use it’s very possible it can suffer a breakdown at the end of summer.

What Can Happen to My AC?

Even one day of soaring heat can be an issue for your air conditioning system. Our temperatures may not soar as high as in other parts of the country, but even one exceptionally hot day after using your cooling system all season long can add increased stress to the unit. This stress can cause the system’s circuit breaker to trip and shut off the power to your AC, leaving you dealing with the heat with no way to properly cool your home.

Another air conditioning component that can suffer from a heat wave near the end of the season is one of the capacitors. The capacitors are electronic systems responsible for transferring electrical charges to the various motors within the air conditioning system. High heat levels shortens the life of the capacitors, and at the end of a long summer it might only take a day of consistent AC use for a capacitor to fail.

One last heat-related problem you might run into with your system is a burnt-out motor. The increased strain put on your AC during the summer stresses the system’s motors—particularly if your air conditioner is aging and has suffered from extensive wear and tear.

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