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Heating Services in Manassas, VA


Do you want to ensure that your heater is appropriately sized for your home, functions reliably, and works efficiently to save you energy and money? Then give AllTech Services, Inc. a call. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we understand all the unique needs of residents throughout Manassas, VA and beyond. Whether you need a quick repair, want to schedule a maintenance session, or think you may have a heater that needs replacement, we can help!

Come see why we’re the trusted contractor for all heating and air conditioning services in Manassas, VA

Contact us today for a licensed and insured HVAC contractor that can help you with any of your residential heating system needs. 

Heating Repair & Maintenance

Do you know how to tell if a heating system needs repair? The signs aren’t always obvious at first. However, if you hear loud noises coming from your system, notice a sudden drop in heating power, or see an unexplained rise in your energy bills, you may have a malfunctioning heater. Call our team so that we can accurately assess what’s going on. And to prevent future problems, be sure to schedule your heater maintenance once a year.

Heating Installation & Replacement

The wrong size heater can be a lot more of a disaster than you may realize. We’re not trying to be dramatic-the fact of the matter is that too small of a system cannot adequately heat your living space, while too large of a system will go through a process called short-cycling, where it turns on and off rapidly. Short-cycling causes the heater to wear down faster, and should therefore be addressed as soon as you notice a problem.

Furnaces, Dual Fuel Systems, Ductless Heating, Insulation, and More

Are you familiar with a heat pump? A heat pump directs heat from one area to another. In the summer, this means pulling in hot air from your home, and in the winter it pulls in warm air from outside. But heat pumps can struggle sometimes, when temperatures drop too low. This is where a dual fuel system comes in-this system combines the efficiency of a heat pump with the power of a furnace. This isn’t your only option for heating systems, however.

Contact us today to learn about the HVAC systems we install, and how the right insulation will help you save energy too! Did you know that we also offer plumbing services in Manassas?

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