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Best Benefits of a Ductless System You Should Know


Maybe you’ve got some serious concerns about your HVAC system. Maybe you just know your heater, your air conditioner, or both are getting old and won’t last much longer. Or maybe your main concern is that you’re trying to make your home more energy-efficient. Either way, you’ve heard about ductless systems, and you’ve got some questions.

Although forced-air HVAC systems using ductwork is the most common type of system, the fact that something is familiar to us doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. Sometimes there are great reasons to go with a different approach. Ductless systems offer some big benefits that you should consider. We’ll tell you all about them, and you just might find ductless is the best choice for you.

No Need for Ducts

Older homes—and there are plenty of those in our area—might not have ducts at all. They weren’t standard-issue in new construction until the 1970s, when the new popularity of central air conditioners made ductwork necessary. Now, ductwork can be added, of course, and in many older homes that has already been done. But if it hasn’t, a ductless system is an obvious choice.

But it might be ideal for homes with ducts, too. Here’s the thing about ductwork—and, if we’re honest, about everything. Nothing lasts forever. What if your home was built with ductwork, but it’s been there for decades, slowly deteriorating? What if something has happened to cause damage to your ductwork? Renovation mishaps or nibbling rodents can happen at any time. A ductless system could be less costly than replacing ductwork.

No Duct Leaks

It’s entirely possible that your ductwork is deteriorating or damaged and you simply don’t know it. Much of the time, ducts are installed in out-of-the-way places where you can’t see that something is wrong. But even minor holes, tears, or cracks can lead to two major problems.

  • Air Leaking Out: Your heated or conditioned air, which you’ve paid so much to get to the ideal temperature, can be lost to those damaged places before it gets to your vents, where you actually need it. This can account for up to 30% of your heating or cooling bill!
  • Air Being Sucked In: When ducts go through unoccupied spaces—attics, crawl spaces, between walls—the air pressure can suck dusty air from those areas into the ductwork. It pulls grit and debris into your heating and cooling systems, and spews dirty air out your vents for you to breathe. This could include anything from rodent feces to insulation fibers, and can cause respiratory issues.

Zone Control

With central systems, there’s one place where your heated or cooled air is generated, and one thermostat for control. Ductless systems have multiple air handlers, each with their own thermostat. Not only does this improve comfort, allowing you to adjust to the ideal temperature in each space, it also decreases energy use because you only heat or cool where you need to.

If you’d like to know more about ductless AC or ductless heating in Manassas, VA, and how it could be integrated into your home, a member of our team would be happy to answer your questions.

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