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Only Have Professionals Perform Hydro-Jetting: Here’s Why


Hydro-jetting is the best way to get your sewer pipe and drainage system completely clean and clear of blockages, clogs, and buildup. No chemicals are used—only the power of pressurized water. It can be done when you have a known issue like persistent clogs, and it can be done as part of routine home maintenance to make sure buildup never has a chance to develop into a major clog. But this is not something you can do yourself. Hydro-jetting must be done by a plumber who has specialized training in the use of this technology. There are several reasons for this.


While there are some tools it’s perfectly reasonable to purchase, because you’ll use them often as a homeowner, others are far too costly in relation to how often you’ll use them. Even if you intend to have your drains hydro-jetted every year to maintain a well-draining system, it’s not worth purchasing a hydro-jetting machine. They cost thousands of dollars.


A hydro-jetting machine pressurizes water to a level that could be dangerous to the person using it if they do not have training and expertise geared toward keeping themselves safe. Most of the time, it’s only necessary to use water pressurized to 1500 psi (pounds per square inch), but the machine can raise the pressure far higher than that.


To determine the necessary water pressure and which nozzles to use, your plumber will have to inspect your pipes. Expertise in determining what materials the pipes are made of and how they are joined together is critical in making sure the hydro-jetting machine is used in a way that is safe for your plumbing. In some cases, video pipe inspection is used to see the interior of your plumbing with a tiny camera that can be inserted into your pipes.


The end of the hydro-jetting machine’s water line is put all the way through your home’s drainage system and into the end of your sewage line, the pipe that carries all the waste from your drains away from your home. Then it is gradually withdrawn through your drains, scouring the piping clean all the way. Hydro jet drain cleaning in Manassas, VA requires training in proper techniques. Without adequate training and experience, all kinds of things can go wrong. This could range from the not-too-bad, like just not doing a thorough job, through the quite bad, like damaging the drainage system, to the absolutely horrifying, like blasting the waste back into your home and up out of your drains instead of sending it down the sewer line!

When to Have Hydro-Jetting Done

Any time you are concerned about your plumbing for any reason, it’s worth getting an assessment from a professional about whether you need hydro-jetting or another plumbing service. Reach out to us if you experience slow drains, multiple clogs at once, frequent clogs, foul smells, or patches in your yard that are soggy, smelly, or where the grass is noticeably greener than anywhere else. 

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