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Post-Storm Heat Pump and Outdoor AC Unit Care

Monday, March 20th, 2017

post-storm-ac-careWhether you were ready for it or not, Winter Storm Stella certainly packed a punch last week. And while, of course, your first priority is to ensure the safety of your family and your home, another important factor to consider is how your HVAC systems were affected.

Whether you use a heat pump, ductless system, or central air conditioner, you have an outdoor unit that may require attention and quality Reston, VA HVAC repairs. We’ve shared some information below as to why a winter storm can be so detrimental for these systems, and how to properly care for them after a storm such as this has occurred.

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Now Is the Time to Prep Your Home for Spring!

Monday, March 6th, 2017

prep-home-for-springSpring is almost upon us. Temperatures may still be on the cooler side, but that makes it the perfect time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the warmer weather that’s slowly but surely on its way.

This includes ensuring that all the exterior and interior components of your home are in good shape. You should be checking your roof to ensure that winter storms did it no harm, as well as your windows to make sure they are still properly sealed so they don’t let in any hot air when you’re trying to use your air conditioner in the coming months.

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