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Commercial Geothermal Services in Ashburn, VA

When it comes to heating and cooling your business or commercial space, don’t you want to do so as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible? If you have a newer business or are going through a property remodel, you’d do well to consider a commercial geothermal installation. More and more commercial property owners in Ashburn and beyond are considering this option, and for good reason.

At AllTech Services, Inc., we’re committed to providing top quality customer service. You can count on our level of competence and value. Because we are a business too, we understand the needs that business owners face, which may not affect residential consumers in the same way.

To learn more about commercial geothermal systems, simply contact our team today!


What Does a Geothermal System Do That Another System Can’t?

For most Ashburn businesses and commercial settings, year-round indoor comfort is accomplished by a rooftop package unit that uses two sets of coils to transfer heat either in or out of the building, depending on the season. The geothermal system, however, uses the ground for that heat exchange, rather than the air.

An indoor heat pump absorbs or releases heat from the air inside the building, but underground loops carry out the second half of the process with a geothermal system, either removing or depositing heat into the earth itself, which remains at a stable temperature about 10 feet below the ground, no matter what the temperature is above ground. This makes commercial geothermal installations more reliable than other commercial HVAC systems.

Trust Our Team for Your Commercial Geothermal Services

AllTech Services, Inc. is committed to providing commercial spaces and businesses with the best in HVAC systems and services. This includes not only professional installation, but quality repairs and maintenance. The good news these types of systems require less by way of repairs and maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to problems.

Fortunately, we are pros at all types of commercial geothermal repairs and maintenance. Commercial geothermal maintenance allows our technicians to fully inspect your system, making sure it is working as efficiently as possible and doesn’t have any operational problems. If repair needs do become apparent, then we recommend having them scheduled right away, so you aren’t stuck with a malfunctioning commercial geothermal system and a potentially devastating business interruption.

Does Your Business Need Geothermal Repairs?

As we said, repair needs are less common for geothermal systems than other HVAC systems, but that doesn’t mean they’re non-existent. Fortunately, there are things you can watch out for and tell your team to watch out for if something is amiss.

One of the biggest signs that your commercial geothermal system is malfunctioning is a loss of cooling or heating power, depending on the season. The indoor unit in your business could be to blame, or it may be a refrigerant leak. Damage to the underground loops of a commercial geothermal system is very rare, but if you suspect there’s a problem the best thing you can do is call our pros.

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